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  • Cedar Gianduja, 200g

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    Доставка в Екатеринбург

    3-4 дня
    380 RUB

    Payment is made through PJSC Sberbank using bank cards of the following payment systems:

    You can pay for the order using

    bank cards denominated in rubles, euros, dollars or Kazakh tenge;

    • cash via a payment terminal or ATM;

    • Internet banking systems of any leading bank; 

    • Android and iOS mobile applications. (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay)

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    Томская Кедровая фабрика
    In stock
    Ingredients: Shelled cedar nut, serotonin (young sea buckthorn sprouting)
    Nutritional value per 100g of product: Protein: 16 g / Fat: 26 g / Carbohydrate: 52 g
    Energy: 470 kcal / 1960 kcal
    Mass: 200g
    Shelf life: 6 months
    1100 RUB
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