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  • Inshell Cedar Nuts “PREMIUM”, 200g

    Cedar nuts are a universal product.

    Each package contains authentic taste and a treasure trove of nutrients that all of us need.

    If you add cedar nuts to your diet, your immunity will Improve, and you will satiate your body with the necessary energy and protect it from avitaminosis.

    Daily rate for a healthy adult is 50g.

    The optimal daily rate of nuts for children is up to 30g if no allergy is diagnosed.

    Eat cedar nuts properly and be healthy!

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    Томская Кедровая фабрика
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    Ingredients: Inshell cedar nut
    Nutritional value per 100g of product: Protein: 12 g / Fat: 61 g / Carbohydrate: 20 g
    Energy: 670 kcal / 1920 kcal
    Storage requirements: At a temperature not exceeding +20°C and a relative humidity not exceeding 70%
    Mass: 200g
    Shelf life: 8 months

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    Recommendations for the use of cedar nuts:

    A four/five-year-old child is recommended a 20g dosage. The dosage can be increased to 30g as a child turns 7.

    *if no allergy is diagnosed

    Adults who do not suffer from health issues are recommended to eat 25-40g of the product per day.

    Elderly people are recommended to eat 15-20g of cedar nuts per day.

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